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Welcome to the Star Air Online Application for Pilots

Filing an application with us is a two-step process - fill in the application and upload a picture.

The application requires various information, such as flight time, personal presentation and how you have acted as a good ambassador for your present or last employer. Further, you have chosen one of Star Air´s core values and written about what it means to you - The Star Air core values are as follows:

Constant Care (Take care of today, actively prepare for tomorrow)
(Listen, learn, share, and give space to others)
(Our word is our bond)
Our Employees
(The right environment for the right people)
Our Name
(The sum of our values: passionately striving higher)

You can prepare the text on your computer, and the utilize the 'cut and paste' function to insert the text or type it in directly, please note a maximum of 3990 characters for each text input box..

The application requires you to insert a 'Picture File Name'. This is the name of the picture file (image) you will have to upload after the application, please follow this procedure:

  • Resize your picture to maximum 300 x 300 pixel

  • Rename your picture to include your name, i.e. "firstname.familyname.jpg" or "firstname.familyname.gif"' - do not use any other file name

  • This picture file name must be included in your application, make sure you insert exactly the same picture file name as the picture file name you are uploading - including the extension (jpg or gif), i.e the Picture File Name must look like this: "firstname.familyname.jpg" of "firstname.familyname.gif". If you insert a different name, the link between your picture and the application is broken - and the application might be deleted !

Once you have submitted your application, a record number will appear. You will need that number for any future updates of your contact data on your application, so make sure you store that.

Next step is to upload your picture, go to the picture upload page and follow the instructions on the screen. Please note that we only accept JPG or GIF type of file.

We will keep your application for 2 years, after which it will be deleted. If you still want to apply, then you will have to file a new application. In the meantime you need not to update your application - only if your contact data is changed then please update these.

By filling in the on-line application form you hereby give Star Air  the permission to keep you data for 2 years, hereafter it will be deleted. During this period we will not share the information with any other, it is only for Star Air use.

For MAC users: please use Firefox and not Safari as we have experienced some issues related to the Safari browser.

Dear Candidate,

Please note that if you have filed an application  between June 12, and August 15, 2019 and received the number 2742 – please file the application again – since we have had some technical issues.

Kind regards,

Star Air




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