About us

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    Star Air

    Star Air is a Danish cargo airline, part of the A.P.Moller-Maersk Group, specialized in providing highly reliable cargo lift capacity. Our Headquarter is located in Copenhagen Airport, whilst our main operational hub is located in Cologne, Germany. Star Air was founded in 1987 and started our operation with two Fokker F27. Today we operate a fleet of 11 Boeing 767-200 SF's, 1 Boeing 767-300BCF and 2 Boeing 767-300F.

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    Our mission

    The Star Air mission is to provide quality service to our customers, which we accomplish through our commitment to safety, efficiency, punctuality and flexibility.

    In order to support our operation we have developed and implemented a comprehensive Quality and Safety Management system, which ensures business excellence, regulatory compliance and safety. This system involves many feedback processes for continual improvement and safety training for all employees. The Star Air dedication to safety and quality is essential for the service we can offer our customers and is documented in our quality policy statement as follows:
    "The ability to provide ever increasing value for money and unsurpassed customer satisfaction is fundamental to our future success. The Star Air commitment to Quality Management makes major contributions to the overall competitiveness and profitability of the company. It is the duty of all personnel to comply with rules and regulations, including EU/EASA regulations, procedures, quality standards, safety standards and any other standards specified by Star Air.

    The effectiveness and suitability of the Quality Management System shall regularly be reviewed in order to secure a continuous improvement of the system. Our reliance on highly skilled and motivated staff will remain the backbone of our organization and on whom our success will depend."

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    Our history

    During the first years our fleet gradually expanded to five F27 aircraft operating both passengers and cargo.
    In 1996 it was decided to focus on air freight only. With the introduction of Boing 727 it was possible to join the fast growing networks within the express parcel company UPS. The first routes Star Air operated for UPS were: Cologne - Zaragoza - Oporto and Cologne - Bergamo - Rome. The volume increased and soon the 727 was outgrown. With only eight containers on main deck and a few more in the cargo compartment the 727 simply could not match the increasing cargo volume. In 2001 Star Air got the first of four Boing 757-200PF, leading to the next upgrade to 11 Boeing 767-200 SF, delivered from March 2005 to September 2006, gradually phasing out the 757.

Facts and numbers

Established 1987
President and CEO Soren Graversen
Aircraft fleet 11 Boeing 767-200SF 1 Boeing 767-300 BCF,1 Boeing 767-300 BCF and 2 Boeing 767-300F
Cargo capacity 42,000 kg 55,800 kg
Number of employees
Pilots 130+
Mechanics 40+
Administration 40+

Average ontime performance 2013 99.1% (within one minute)
Turnover 2017 874 mill DKK (>100 mill USD)
Area of operation Worldwide
Approvals/Licenses JAR, EASA, "AOC" (No. DK 003), EC and TRTO

Financial Highlights