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    Star Air provides aircraft capacity to some of the world's leading integrators, cargo companies and freight forwarders such as UPS, Lufthansa Cargo Charter, Fliteline B.V, Chapman-Freeborn etc. Our 11 Boeing 767-200SF are each capable of transporting 42,000 kg over distances of more than 6,000 km non-stop

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    The aircraft are equipped, and the crews are trained, to operate under Low Visibility weather conditions (CAT IIIB). Star Air is able to carry almost anything you need to anywhere you like. The 42,000 kg capacity of the 767 offers enormous volume. Precise climate control keeps the cargo load at the right temperature during the flight and our wide cargo door accomodates large and unwieldy cargo.

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    We carry most types of cargo such as:

    Dangerous Goods (except radioactive material)
    First Aid
    Spare parts
    Medical supply

    We look forward to answer any ACMI or other Charter Request - and welcome your company as our customer.

Cargo Specifications 767-200SF

Measurement Imperial Value Metric Value Other Info
Max. take-off weight 320,000 Pounds 145,454 kg
Max. landing weight 283,000 Pounds 128,636 kg
Max. fuel 137,000 Pounds 62,272 kg
Max. load 94,000 Pounds 42,727 kg
Max. volume (Main deck) approx. 9,900 Cu.Ft 280 Cu.meters 19 positions for 88"x125" pallets/ULD's
Max. volume (Lower deck) approx. 3,000 Cu.FT 87 Cu.Meter 11 positions for LD-8 ULD's
Load at max. range 36,500 Pounds 16,590 kg
Max. range 5,200 Nm 9,630 km
Range with max. load 2,200 Nm 4,074 km

Range chart